Interesting Shots for Dec. 5-7

by Cristiano 8. December 2009 01:53

The past few days have been a bit hectic for me, so I am a bit behind on the updates.

Twyla Tomorrow ~ Untitled

This is such a stylish avatar shot.

Prandi Capalini ~ It's Locked!

This made me laugh. As usual, a fantastic image from Prandi. It is hard to choose.


Skate Foss ~ The Island Dance Floor Ready for Christmas

I love this setting, especially the shadows.

Sapphire Weatherwax ~ The Red Room

This image is just cool. I love the reflection.


Brigid McDonnagh ~ Postcard from Wintery Village

This is such a great stylized shot.

Imnotgoing Sideways ~ Birdie

Another extremely stylish shot.


Matthew Kidomen ~ Lost in a Dream

This is a stunning image.

GRAFIX Glineau ~ 0_0

Interesting effect, it seems to be an underwater shot looking up at the surface.


Liqueur Felix ~ Le petit prince

Beautiful shot of a submerged derailed train.

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