Flickr SLURL Issues

by Cristiano 3. March 2010 00:57

Flickr logo If you are a Flickr user, it seems that Flickr is currently treating urls as spam. If you try to add one to a description on Flickr, you get the following message:

"Hey! That URL you tried to post has been used for abuse on Flickr before. If that's you, stop it! If that's not you, sorry, but you can't post links to it."

If you are sending your images to Flickr through Snapzilla (either via or individually), it will still add the SLURL correctly. However, if you try to edit the description at all on Flickr, it will not let you save the SLURL.



3/10/2010 12:21:57 PM #


Thanks for this information. i am a new user and have this issue recently

Gilroy United States | Reply

3/12/2010 3:43:27 AM #

Cristiano Midnight

It seems the problem with SLURLs on Flickr has been resolved.

Cristiano Midnight United States | Reply

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