Gravatar Support on This Blog

by Cristiano 22. November 2009 20:22

The Snapzilla blog supports Gravatars from , which gives you an avatar image next to your comments. To set up an avatar, visit the site and add a gravatar for the email address you use with Snapzilla. Your comments will then use the gravatar image. Sackula

Marking Your Image Locations Private

by Cristiano 19. November 2009 02:49

lock_icon.6110050_large[1] If you do not want the location of your images to be available for people to teleport to, you can mark image locations as private either when sending in the image or after it is already on the Snapzilla site.

To mark the image location private when sending in the image, send the image to instead of .

After the image is already on the site, if you are signed in you can mark the image location private using the lock on the image detail page, next to the Teleport to.. link. You can also make the location public again once it is private using the unlock icon.

Editing Your Images

by Cristiano 16. November 2009 18:47

Did you know you can edit your Snapzilla shots? You have several options available. For those who want to enhance their images in a photo editing program like Photoshop, you can download your image using the Download Full Image link and then use  replace imageReplace Image to upload the revised image, retaining all the original information about the image and replacing it with your edited image.

You can also use the editEdit Original Image or editEdit Copy of Image links to access the excellent Picnik editing tools right in your browser. You can crop, adjust brightness and contrast, enhance color, apply special effects and frames, and a lot more. Premium Picnik users have even more options. Once you have finished editing, the image is saved back to Snapzilla, either over the original, or as a copy with the same information as the original image.

Note: sometimes after editing your image, you may still see the original image in your browser. This is a caching issue that web browsers handle differently. The updated image will appear to other users. Refreshing your browser sometimes helps to update the image locally.

Tagging Your Images

by Cristiano 12. November 2009 20:26

1098645_tag_icon[1] There are two different ways to tag your Snapzilla images - you can tag them within SL before sending or after the image is on the site. Tagging helps to make it easier to find pictures of interest - the Quick Find box lets you search by tag.

To tag when sending:

Use the Your Name field on the email form. Replace your avatar name (it is not needed) with the tags you want the image to have, separated by commas if including multiple tags.

For example, to tag a picture as winter and snow, you would put the following into the Your Name field:


To tag after the image is on the site:
Go into the image detail page (click on the thumbnail of the image to get to the detail page). There is a section to add tags - you can add multiple tags at once by separating them with commas, the same way as when sending in. You can also remove tags you have already added by using the X icon that appears next to each tag.



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