Sim Spotlight ~ Deshima

by Cristiano 24. November 2009 05:12

The futuristic Deshima sim has been the source for some incredible images on Snapzilla, including the image above entitled Swim by Prandi Capalini. He did a whole series in the album ABSTRACT FROM DESHIMA. The images remind me almost of some crazy futuristic cross between Battlestar Galactica and a Kandinsky painting. I love the images so much I am inspired to go explore the sim. Several other people have sent in some great images from Deshima. I would definitely love to see more. If anyone knows more information about this sim, please leave a comment.

Sim Spotlight ~ Omega Point

by Cristiano 13. November 2009 02:28

Some stunning images have been coming in recently from the Omega Point sim.

Torley Olmstead ~ it all feels rather epic and expansive

Some other examples:

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