Random Snapshot ~ Jan. 25

by Cristiano 25. January 2010 13:45

Kit Namanari ~ Bunnies! ^.^

An adorable image from November, 2008.

Random Snapshot ~ Jan. 13

by Cristiano 13. January 2010 02:23

ELLiebob Bean ~ moving mandalas

A beautiful image from November 2009.

Random Shot ~ Dec. 9

by Cristiano 9. December 2009 02:55

Barbie Starr ~ Dark and Light

This image is from 2007.

Random Snapshot ~ Dec. 1

by Cristiano 1. December 2009 06:08

Flower Ducatillon ~ Coco Designs

A great image from 2009. I did not realize our avatars were so, um, flexible. One of several beautiful images from the Female Avatars in SL group.

Random Snapshot ~ Nov. 27

by Cristiano 27. November 2009 19:49

For today's random shot, I went into my own collection of images. This is from 2005, and was from a party where you came as the child version of your avatar (long before all the child av controversy). This is my avatar as a child:

Cristiano Midnight ~ Going Very Old School

Random Snapshot ~ Nov. 24

by Cristiano 24. November 2009 01:17


Mina Firefly ~ Cirque Mystique

Great shot from 2007, with gorgeous water effects.

Random Snapshot ~ Nov. 22

by Cristiano 22. November 2009 01:35

I am going to start a semi regular feature highlighting interesting random images from the Snapzilla archives.

Ravenelle Zugzwang ~ At the Bluffs

This image is from May of 2008. It's beautiful and unusual, with great colors. Ravenelle has taken some amazing shots, and this one is no exception.


As a reminder, you can access random images from the left hand menu. It's a great way to explore the content of Snapzilla.

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