Group Spotlight ~ Bay City

by Cristiano 12. March 2010 13:58

Marianne McCann has put together a group to share images of Bay City, an art deco themed area on the mainland next to the original city sims. To join the group and contribute to it, you can send snapshots from within SL to If you are a registered Snapzilla user, you will automatically join the group when you email to it. You can also join the group on the group's page and upload images to the group.

Group Spotlight ~ Amazing Places

by Cristiano 17. January 2010 16:05

Alexandra Wilder has created a fantastic Snapzilla Group highlighting incredible places to see in Second Life. The images are definitely not to be missed if you like to explore. Send your own amazing place images to to add them to the group, or you can add existing pictures to the group by joining it first here.

Random Snapshot ~ Dec. 1

by Cristiano 1. December 2009 06:08

Flower Ducatillon ~ Coco Designs

A great image from 2009. I did not realize our avatars were so, um, flexible. One of several beautiful images from the Female Avatars in SL group.

Group ~ World AIDS Day '09

by Cristiano 30. November 2009 20:55

Tuesday, December 1st is World AIDS Day. To help commemorate the day, Panacea Luminos has created a Snapzilla group to share images. Send your images from World AIDS Day events to You can also upload images to the group by first joining it here.

Once you have joined the group, you can also add existing images to the group on the image detail page for the image you want to add. Emailing in images to the group will automatically add you to the group if you are not already a member.

A box of tshirts for the event is available as an attachment to a group notice in the Snapzilla Fans group in world if you would like to join it as well.

More information about Karuna and World AIDS Day 2009 in Second Life can be found here.

Snapzilla Group - Bunneh Bunneh Bunneh!

by Cristiano 12. November 2009 08:09

Snapzilla Groups have been quietly tested recently, and although I have not announced the feature formally,  there are some active groups already. One of those groups is Bunneh Bunneh Bunneh!, which features images of the new breedable bunnies made by Ozimals, which are currently in open beta. If you are a fan of the bunnies, check out this group. You can join the group here, or simply by sending a snapshot of your bunnies to . If you are a registered Snapzilla user, you will automatically be added to the group. More details on groups soon, in the meantime, the bunnies are waiting.


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