Best of Snapzilla ~ The Last Train 2 by Victor1st Mornington

by Cristiano 26. October 2011 02:05

A beautiful image from Victor1st Mornington

Best of Snapzilla ~ Gateway by Natsuki Morigi

by Cristiano 2. October 2011 00:56

Gorgeous use of light and shadows:


Another beautiful image from Natsuki Morigi.

Best of Snapzilla ~ Flight by Melodie Darwin

by Cristiano 27. September 2011 15:47

Beautiful image from Melodie Darwin.

Simplified Description Editor

by Cristiano 7. September 2011 16:25

I have replaced the current description editor on the picture detail page with a lightweight, simplified version that offers basic formatting. To use it, click the Edit icon next to the description. To save your changes, click the Save icon on the toolbar.


New Features

Group Spotlight ~ Amazing Places

by Cristiano 6. September 2011 23:24

If you are looking for beautiful places to visit in Second Life, make sure you check out the Amazing Places group. It contains some stunning images from incredible sites in SL.

If you would like to contribute to the group, you can join it and send images from SL to . You can also add existing images to the group and upload images to it as well after joining.

To join the group, click Join This Group on the group’s page.

Snapzilla Stream

by Cristiano 20. August 2011 14:53

You can now view a stream of latest activity on Snapzilla, which includes new pictures, picture likes and comments. The five most recent activities are shown on the home page, and you can view the full activity stream for the past day here.


Additionally, you can view your own activity, including comments and likes added by others to your pictures. Look for the My Stream link in the account section of the sidebar. The personal stream includes activity for the last 7 days.

User profile pages now have a stream link on them as well above the rss feed link to see the activity for individual users.


New Features

SL8B Celebration

by Cristiano 27. June 2011 01:05

Image by Snafu


A collection of images from Second Life’s 8th birthday celebration (SL8B) is now available. All images coming from the SL8B sims are auto-tagged with SL8B. If you would like your uploaded images to be included, just add the SL8B tag to them.

Sort Album Images

by Cristiano 25. February 2011 19:36

I have added the ability to change the order of images in an album. When you are viewing an album, you can change the order of the images using the Sort Album Images icon: , which appears next to Album Options at the top of the album if you are viewing an album you created.

To reorder the images, click on the image you want to move and drag and drop it into the new position. Your changes will be saved automatically. A demonstration of how it works is available here:

The sorting page uses Javascript only and has been tested in IE 8/9, Firefox 3.6, Safari 5 and Chrome 10. If you experience any issues, please let me know.


New Features

Best of Snapzilla in Profiles

by Cristiano 8. January 2011 08:00
bestofprofileA badge has been added to Snapzilla profile pages indicating that a user has been awarded Best of Snapzilla.

When you mouse over the badge, it will say how many times their images have been chosen, and clicking on the badge will take you to the Best of Snapzilla page filtered to show their images.

Snapzilla Crosses 100 Million Images Viewed

by Cristiano 15. December 2010 22:52

I am very pleased to announce that Snapzilla images have been viewed over 100,000,000 times since the site’s launch in 2005. Thank you so much to the Snapzilla community for sharing so many fantastic images, and continuing to support the site. Watch for significant new features in 2011.



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