Interesting Shots ~ April 17-18

by Cristiano 19. April 2010 09:01

Adec Alexandria ~ There's An App For That

Belle Bjorn ~ Untitled

Prandi Capalini ~ Holes

Jennifer Devin ~ Bad Date

Liqueur Felix ~ Farmhaven Acres

Skate Foss ~ Dancing

Interesting Shots for Dec. 5-7

by Cristiano 8. December 2009 01:53

The past few days have been a bit hectic for me, so I am a bit behind on the updates.

Twyla Tomorrow ~ Untitled

This is such a stylish avatar shot.


Interesting Shots ~ Nov. 29

by Cristiano 30. November 2009 17:17

Sapphire Weatherwax ~ Chilly Dawn

Great frozen scene.


Interesting Shots ~ Nov. 27 & 28

by Cristiano 29. November 2009 03:36

Argent Stonecutter ~ Sculpty Abuse

There is a simplicity about this image that I love, and the glow effect is beautiful.


Interesting Shots for Nov. 22

by Cristiano 23. November 2009 05:12

Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth ~ and IIIIIIIIIIIII yeeeee IIIIIIII yeeeee IIIII

Great avatar shot, beautiful image, and a great title. I love everything about this picture.


Interesting Shots for Nov. 12

by Cristiano 12. November 2009 20:58

I am not sure this will always be a daily feature, but I will try to keep finding images that are really interesting to share with you.

Papaya Parx ~ After the Burn

Windlight has added so much to SL ? this shot is a perfect example of the dramatic effects that can be produced.


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