Album of the Week ~ Solace Beach

by Cristiano 25. January 2010 13:40

Sapphire Weatherwax has put together a fantastic album of images taken in the Solace Beach Estate sims. Sapphire has only been a Snapzilla member for a few months and has already become one of my favorites.

Interesting Shots ~ Jan. 1-4

by Cristiano 5. January 2010 03:18

pallina60 Loon ~ watercolor

A simply beautiful image from the LOL sim.


Interesting Shots ~ Dec. 29

by Cristiano 30. December 2009 07:29

Ok it took me a little longer to resume than I planned, but those are the holidays for you. As always, there are way too many great images to chose from each day. Here are a few I really liked for different reasons.

Natascha Rives ~ by Masterful Escape

This is such a dramatic image that, along with the title, tells a story.

Sapphire Weatherwax ~ Gingerbread House

A great winter shot, and I love the style of the gingerbread house.

Transparent Banshee ~ Christmas ham IS important...

I don't quite know why the audience is filled with pigs, but that is what I love about this.

Album of the Week ~ Winter

by Cristiano 23. December 2009 00:06

Sapphire Weatherwax has put together a beautiful album of winter themed images from a variety of locations, perfect for the holidays.

Interesting Shots for Dec. 9-11

by Cristiano 12. December 2009 00:11

Ah the holiday season is keeping me a bit busy, but here once again is a collection of fantastic images from the past few days. In the interest of time, I am once again going to let the images speak for themselves.

Sapphire Weatherwax ~ The Hollow


Interesting Shots for Dec. 5-7

by Cristiano 8. December 2009 01:53

The past few days have been a bit hectic for me, so I am a bit behind on the updates.

Twyla Tomorrow ~ Untitled

This is such a stylish avatar shot.


Album of the Week ~ Pirates & Ships

by Cristiano 5. December 2009 02:10

Sapphire Weatherwax has put together a small but fantastic collection of images of ships, with gorgeous sky and water effects. I hope Sapphire continues to add more images, they are incredible.

Interesting Shots for Dec. 2 & 3

by Cristiano 4. December 2009 19:56

Sapphire Weatherwax ~ Yui Bon

I loved this image so much that I chose it also for Best of Snapzilla.


Interesting Shots ~ Nov. 29

by Cristiano 30. November 2009 17:17

Sapphire Weatherwax ~ Chilly Dawn

Great frozen scene.


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