Interesting Shots ~ April 17-18

by Cristiano 19. April 2010 09:01

Adec Alexandria ~ There's An App For That

Belle Bjorn ~ Untitled

Prandi Capalini ~ Holes

Jennifer Devin ~ Bad Date

Liqueur Felix ~ Farmhaven Acres

Skate Foss ~ Dancing

Feature ~ Best of Snapzilla

by Cristiano 30. March 2010 20:39

Best of Snapzilla is an editor's choice award given to images that catch my attention and represent some of both the best images and best moments from SL. While there are certain people who I could give the award to all their images, I try to select a broad cross section of users. Although the collection is small (a little over 450 images), it represents 5 years of Snapzilla history. Be sure to look through the images.

Postcard from Morris, Morris Building Area ~ Torley Linden


Album of the Week ~ Caught My Eye

by Cristiano 5. January 2010 06:04

Prandi Capalini has put together an excellent album featuring the works of others that have caught his eye. I could do an entire blog just with the images in this album. Great stuff, you should definitely check it out. These are among some of the best images on Snapzilla from an incredibly diverse group of members. Credit to Liqueur Felix for the image above.

Interesting Shots ~ Jan. 1-4

by Cristiano 5. January 2010 03:18

pallina60 Loon ~ watercolor

A simply beautiful image from the LOL sim.


Interesting Shots for Dec. 9-11

by Cristiano 12. December 2009 00:11

Ah the holiday season is keeping me a bit busy, but here once again is a collection of fantastic images from the past few days. In the interest of time, I am once again going to let the images speak for themselves.

Sapphire Weatherwax ~ The Hollow


Interesting Shots for Dec. 5-7

by Cristiano 8. December 2009 01:53

The past few days have been a bit hectic for me, so I am a bit behind on the updates.

Twyla Tomorrow ~ Untitled

This is such a stylish avatar shot.


Sim Spotlight ~ Deshima

by Cristiano 24. November 2009 05:12

The futuristic Deshima sim has been the source for some incredible images on Snapzilla, including the image above entitled Swim by Prandi Capalini. He did a whole series in the album ABSTRACT FROM DESHIMA. The images remind me almost of some crazy futuristic cross between Battlestar Galactica and a Kandinsky painting. I love the images so much I am inspired to go explore the sim. Several other people have sent in some great images from Deshima. I would definitely love to see more. If anyone knows more information about this sim, please leave a comment.

Interesting Shots for Nov. 18

by Cristiano 19. November 2009 14:30

Carthalis Rossini ~ Zen Store

Carthalis continues to take such dramatic and beautiful shots, and this unusual build is no exception.


Interesting Shots for Nov. 13

by Cristiano 14. November 2009 00:57

Begonia Oh ~ Untitled

This is such a great avatar shot, the composition is wonderful and I love the exotic skin.


Album of the Week

by Cristiano 12. November 2009 03:45

Prandi Capalini has put together a great album from Burning Life 2009 with some incredible selections from various users - over 200 images. Some samples:


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