Interesting Shots ~ April 17-18

by Cristiano 19. April 2010 09:01

Adec Alexandria ~ There's An App For That

Belle Bjorn ~ Untitled

Prandi Capalini ~ Holes

Jennifer Devin ~ Bad Date

Liqueur Felix ~ Farmhaven Acres

Skate Foss ~ Dancing

Interesting Shots for Dec. 5-7

by Cristiano 8. December 2009 01:53

The past few days have been a bit hectic for me, so I am a bit behind on the updates.

Twyla Tomorrow ~ Untitled

This is such a stylish avatar shot.


Interesting Shots for Dec. 2 & 3

by Cristiano 4. December 2009 19:56

Sapphire Weatherwax ~ Yui Bon

I loved this image so much that I chose it also for Best of Snapzilla.


Interesting Shots ~ Nov. 24 & 25

by Cristiano 26. November 2009 03:01

I got a little sidetracked preparing for Thanksgiving, so I am combining days instead of skipping one:

Panacea Luminos ~ Perplexing

Stunning image. Make sure you check out the full version.


Torley Olmstead ~ I'm a Freaking Panda With Laser Eyes

Another great image from Torley. It's cute and bizarre at the same time.


Interesting Shots for Nov. 18

by Cristiano 19. November 2009 14:30

Carthalis Rossini ~ Zen Store

Carthalis continues to take such dramatic and beautiful shots, and this unusual build is no exception.


Interesting Shots for Nov. 13

by Cristiano 14. November 2009 00:57

Begonia Oh ~ Untitled

This is such a great avatar shot, the composition is wonderful and I love the exotic skin.


Interesting Shots for Nov. 11

by Cristiano 11. November 2009 02:55

I will start off my innaugural post with a couple recent images I've really loved.

Omega Point Dark Fantasy Mysterious World by Liqueur Felix

Liqueur Felix never fails to take interesting images, and this is no exception. Definitely mysterious, and I love the angle and colors.


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