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  • Are you ready for another compertition!! We decided, after a long discussion to do a store credit give away this time! There are simple steps and all can be done in world, once you have done the steps simply fill out the application form! 1) Join the inworld group (Muggleborn) 2) Add Muggleborn main location into your picks inworld See I told you it was simple! :) These will be checked throughout the 10 days .. We want this to be a fair competition. Once you have completed all the steps, sit tight and wait for the announcement! The announcement will be send out on Facebook / Flickr / Inworld Group / Winners Applications - 19th till 22nd Announcement - 29th Good luck everyone! Application form after steps completed:
  • u tu ku si :)
  • name machigaeta gomennasai lalaureline san Arigatougozaimasu :)
  • lalareline san Arigatougozaimasu- Uresiiiii - risu mayuge suki desu :) hahahaha :D !!!!!