Bek and I, riding one of the many attractions at Prim Hearts!

It wasn't easy, wading through the lag, to get to the rides this Friday and things didn't load properly. Bek and my visit ended with the sim going down, but we got to ride a few attractions before that and I had great time none the less! =D

Sidenote: I'm calling this attraction "Frisbee ride", but it's actually named "Spin 'n puke ride"... :blink:

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  • Kannazuki Koba
    5/11/2012 3:39:11 AM
    Looks like a lot of fun!!
  • IcyMoon Vavoom
    5/11/2012 5:39:18 AM
    It was, Kannazuki! =) We rode this ride several times in a row! =D