Many other places I considered sacred and special are no more. DharmaEcho Garden and Pathfinder's place in Ambleside, for example. Others have changed dramatically over time, and are not really what they once were to me: the standing stones in Serenite being a big example of that. It's Second Life, and things change. Home is one of the biggies for me. It was an important part of my old SL life, back in Hundertwasser - then it became a sad place for me. Now I've a new home, and while it may never be the same as what the old Islandia home was to me, it's still an important space.

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  • Matthew Kidomen
    4/6/2010 4:46:11 PM
    Yes, I know the feeling. I use to begin and end each day at Silver Lake. Ziggy Quirk finally shut it down, and I understand her reasons. Still it was a big loss. For a vagabond, it was the closest things to a place I called home. SL changes. Unfortunately, it is hard to explain that to the heart.