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Losing the Christmas spirit

  IcyMoon Vavoom  Monday, December 05, 2011 (added 5 years ago)  - Viewed 1342 times  1110 x 787   4 comments

The evening was soon here. Icy zebra was exhausted after all the rejections and disappointments during the day.

As the snow began to fall, and make her feel like the lonliest zebra in the world, she began to loose her Christmas spirit. Maybe she wasn't meant to be a part of Christmas. It was unnatural after all. It doesn't snow in Africa. Zebras doesn't get any Christmas gifts nor do they wear Christmas hats. It's silly!

Yes... silly.

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no its not silly . Merry Christmasn Icy Zebra !

Merry Christmas, Natsuki! *Puts on Christmas hat again*

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Thank you, Cristiano!

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