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Yes, I use antiperspirant underbreast (big mature breasts) not because it stops the moisture - I don't think it does - but because aluminum salts are a cheap antifungal and I tend to get yeast infections anywhere that's damp too much.

I'm kind of scared of talc and my skin doesn't like it.

The health concerns about aluminum scare me too - aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's plaque - but the "natural" aluminum free substitutes I have found so far simply do not stop odor.

I don't see any difference between putting it under your breast or in your pits, it's totally the same network of lymph nodes.

Having said that, I was going to try to get hold of something zinc based (which would also be antifungal, but zinc is a dietary nutrient) and I just haven't been organized enough to try to find it yet.
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