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ZOMGWTFLOLCATS Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

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This thread needs a kick start.

Mass starvation of virtual bunnies due to a cease and desist order. Now THAT is Second Life!
la lucha sigue...
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Cry havoc!

And let slip the dogs of war!
This is the truth.
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Originally Posted by WolfEyes View Post

And let slip the dogs of war!
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Originally Posted by Katheryne Helendale View Post
There was one cheese, I can't remember what it was called, that they had out, that tasted pretty darned good, but smelled like old, fermented feet.
A blue cheese? Gorgonzola sounds like a likely candidate, in that case. If it was more of a camembert consistency, maybe Berthaud’s Époisse or its English cousin, Stinking Bishop? Both are rather lovely, but are best kept in sealed tubs, both due to the smell, and their habit of oozing. ^_^
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nemisis116: Seriously though this game does creep me out, adventuring the abandoned areas is like Fallout if everybody on earth was a deviantart member
Originally Posted by Cristiano
I just wanted to point out how much I love the phrase "the slashfic of skill sets".
Originally Posted by Free Xue Apparently you're a marine biologist.
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