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Team Sports - not only do I not know anything about them but I actually hate commercialized team sports (like football) enough that I don't even want to learn anything about them (or pay for them for that matter). As they say in Italy; "no me importante", with a contemptuous wave of my hand from under my chin. I think this is because I was tortured by "sports bullies" for a good part of my younger life.

Tools, plumbing & other home repairs - just not my forte. I wish I did know something, but I'm lazy and if I need anything fixed, I either ask my husband or I hire someone.

Newer Cars - I've learned enough to change a tire. When I was in high school before all the new fangled computer stuff, I used to work on them some with my step Dad but now, they are just a mystery box with wheels to me.

Music - I love listening to it but know absolutely zero about how to make it and am actually tone deaf.

There are a gazillion other things I'm totally ignorant of but these are the ones that stick out most.
“True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.”
—Kurt Vonnegut
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