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Mainland Census for September 2012

Here are the results of the September 2012 Quarterly Mainland Census.

The Actual Census was run between 9th to 22nd September and involved surveybot visits to every Mainland Region and a full scan of all parcels in each region. As with previous census, this includes the 5 Linden Home Continents and the old Teen grid mainland as well as traditional mainland. There were 19 regions which were closed to public access but these were all hand surveyed from bordering regions. For reference the last Census was conducted in June 2012 and was reported here : Mainland Census for June 2012

In September 2012 Mainland consists of 6727 regions, (there are about another 500 Linden Owned regions which are not included in the Census - mainly Help Islands, Linden Realms etc). This is a bet increase of 3 regions since last quarter The additional regions were 4 additional premium Sandboxes off one of the Nascera Linden Home continents , A Zindra adult info hub was also removed during this period . The following chart shows how the number of Mainland regions has changed over the last 8 Census.

Whilst regions are almost the same number the overall number of parcels is 1.6% down since June 2012. The number of Owners marginally dropped by 0.3% , Individual Owners were up by 0.4% but the 3.6% fall in total number of land holding groups drove the overall fall from last quarter.
Linden Lab now owns slightly more of Mainland and current abandoned land figures are yet again the highest seen with 9.8% to 10.9% of mainland abandoned. Last quarter this figure was 8.8% to 9.9%

Overall a poor picture like that seen with Private Estates, whilst number of owners remains steady and slightly increasing, land is still being abandoned at faster rates than new land is being purchase and these rates are increasing also a lot more land is now for sale .

Overview of Parcels

The total number of individual parcels in September 2012 is 153263 down from 155728 last quarter and these are owned by 69773 unique owners, down 0.3% in 3 months so ownership has stopped growing . The average parcel has a Mean area of 2,877Sqm (Median 512Sqm) and is 50.0% full , this is a tiny increase in size since the last census. 31765 of these parcels are directly owned by Linden Lab (up by 673 since the last census). The Mean size of the remaining parcels was 1968.0Sqm (Median=512Sqm) and are 56.3% full. 32% of parcels are group owned, 37% for Non-Linden parcels, this is about 1% down on both figures as last census.

Overview of Owners

Mainland is now owned by 69773 unique owners, 57540 individual accounts and 12233 groups, an increase of 227 individuals and a fall of 453 groups since June 2012, The quarterly growth in individual owners is about 0.4% . Each Non-Linden owner has holdings with a mean area of 3428.9Sqm - down by 49sqm (Median is unchanged at 512Sqm) on average held in 1.74 different parcels, a 2.0% decline from June 2012 figure of 1.78.

Total ownership is marginally down on last quarter, though it looks more like a plateauing rather than a decline.

The top 3 owners by area are Linden Accounts . Governor Linden holdings have increased from 37.5% (March 2012) to 38.6% , LDPW have increased their holdings from 6.0% to 6.1% .The Top Non-Linden Group by land area has doubled its holdings since last quarter up from 0.3% to 0.6%.

Here are the holdings of all owners with more that 750,000Sqm
  • Governor Linden owns 170,188,592Sqm (38.6% of total) in 29002 parcels
  • Linden Department of Works holds 26,841,024Sqm (6.1%) in 2435 parcels
  • Blake Sea group holds 3,167,792Sqm (0.7%) in 141 parcels
  • Largest Non-Linden group holds 2,682,736Sqm (0.6%) in 41 parcels
  • Second Largest Non-Linden group holds 1,195,504Sqm (0.3%) in 252 parcels
  • Third Largest Non-Linden group holds 1,114,080Sqm (0.3%) in 17 parcels
  • Fourth Largest Non-Linden group holds 888,000Sqm (0.2%) in 199 parcels
  • Fifth Largest Non-Linden group holds 800,176Sqm (0.2%) in 290 parcels

A further 1,440,896Sqm is known to be Linden owned and held by 4 accounts such as the Maintenance group or by Guy Linen or Dee Linden on behalf of Concierge in 187 parcels

Total significant Linden holdings come to 201,638,304Sqm 45.7% of the total, up since June 2012 by 4,384,640Sqm and a share increase of 1.0% . Overall Linden Holdings increased by 2.2% by area This represents an increase of 66.9 full regions,
Non Linden holdings come to 239,222,368Sqm down by 4,188,032Sqm , representing a 1.7% drop since June 2012 - This equates to 64.9 full regions worth

The top 22 Non-Linden owners own 6.2% of all Non-Linden Mainland - a higher share than last census (5.5%). The Top 6 own 3.1%.

Using same tier assumptions as in previous Census Total Monthly Mainland Tier comes to US$943,935 , slightly down on the last census by US$25,053 or 2.6%.
Mean Tier is US$13.53, Median is still US$0 and 49308 landowners (71%) pay no tier above their premium subscription, 752 up on last census. In general its slightly less residents in the quarter but even less are paying tier, the majority (71%) of owners directly owning 512sqm or less. The number not paying tier is increasing faster than the number of new owners so this does represent some tiering down or replacement of older owners with linden home owners.

Known protected land is currently 153,457,936Sqm (76.1% of all Linden owned), more or less unchanged since last census, this includes empty Linden Home plots. Known Abandoned land is now 43,263,088qm (21.5%) up by 11.1% since June 2012 ,65.9 Regions worth . Blank and other unknown descriptions comes to 4,917,280Sqm (2.4%) unchanged from June 2012

So abandoned land is somewhere between 43,263,088Sqm and 48,180,368Sqm or 9.8% to 10.9% of all Mainland - an equivalent of 660 to 735 full regions.

Last March, the range was 8.8% to 9.9%. This a real increase in total abandoned land equivalent to about 66 full regions since the last quarter and a quarter on quarter increase of about 10-11%

Overview of Regions

The current 6727 Mainland Regions have a mean of 13.7 unique owners per region holding land in them (down 0.1 owners) , the Median is still 9 owners. The mean number of parcels per region is 22.8 and 88.5% have at least one Linden owned Parcel. 1403 (20.9%) are completely owned by Linden Lab accounts, up by 4 regions since June 2012
The busiest regions contains 56 different owners (there are 27 of these) unchanged from last quarter. The average region uses 46.9% of it's Prim Allowance.

Overview of Linden Homes

The total number of Linden Home regions increased by 4 Sandboxes to 1162 (17.2% of Mainland) . In total there are currently 42733 Linden Home Plots. Of these 41689 are occupied,(97.6%) This is just 48 new owners up on last June (a rise of 0.1%)..

Overview of Land for Sale

Currently 34,618,224Sqm is marked for sale (including Auction). This represents 7.9% of Mainland and is an increase of 19.5% of land for sale on last Census.Amongst Non-Linden owned land 13,797,520Sqm is for sale a drop of 1.8% since last census. Linden Owned land for sale rose by 39.6%

This Chart shows how this has risen during the year, Notably the effect of the automatic set for sale on land abandonment has just increased the amount of Linden land for sale. However in this quarter (as in last ) there has been a significant drop in Non-Linden Land for sale and a related rise in Linden owned.

...That's it for now - The next census should be ready sometime in December.If you have any questions or analysis requests let me know.

The TL;DR version is summed up in this Lolcat

ETA: Added charts as attachements since something has eaten the server hosting them
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