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Fitted Mesh xml

The relevant xml files from LL's Fitted Mesh Project Viewer are here in this zip file. Add these to any other Linden Lab or Third Party Viewer to test it out (they overwrite the existing files without the new bones).

Or you can just copy character/avatar_lad.xml and character/avatar_skeleton.xml from the Project Viewer.

I've also included a app_settings/settings_install.xml file which identifies the viewer as 'SecondLife Project FittedMesh Testing'. This file is useful so that if it does break in any way it will indicate to LL or TPV support that it is not their standard viewer - quite useful to stop them wondering about any weird error messages. It also means it fits in a separate channel for testing (and gives you the blue top bar to indicate to you that you are using 'Project' code, unless your TPV has removed that code).

This should work fine, but I haven't tested it with every viewer out there - so, if it does break....well it breaks.

More on Fitted Mesh from the Second Life Wiki here.
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These should work for most viewers, but if they are copied over to firestorm, wouldn't it undefine the firestorm bridge?
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