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My enter key won't work :(

I have been coding all night and all of a sudden my enter key won't work. When I push it, my windows mobility settings and my power plan comes up (Vista). I must have hit a wrong key somewhere. Some Help!!! I have no paragraphs!!!
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You may also have used the keyboard so much that the enter key is fried. Laptops are especially sensitive to that - I had it happen to my alt key, which was a bitch. Try plugging in an external keyboard and see if it still happens.
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If it is bringing up the mobility center thing each time it is pressed, there is still some input coming across. Perhaps the key became misaligned and is hitting the wrong contact? Is your computer (assuming it is a laptop) still under any manufacturer or store warranty?
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I had to reboot to clear it up, I still have no idea what caused it. I hope it was just an accidental keystroke.

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There are microcontrollers like 83C51KB High Performance Keyboard Microcontroller that are very small, simple CPUs. Like any software and/or CPU, a microcontroller can get confused too. This happens far more rarely because there isn't much software and the CPUs are small. The only way to clear such an error is to reset the microcontroller which on a laptop, usually means a system restart.

Glad it worked out.
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