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Originally Posted by Argent Stonecutter View Post
Is this related to the spammer I just noticed creating random topics with random text, perhaps?
That's just normal spammer behaviour.
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Anyone else been spammed inworld by Woogles, soliciting for a manager? After we called him/her out on it? The Woogles speculation resonates with me.

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Originally Posted by Kamilah Hauptmann View Post
All is pure speculation.
Here, at SLUniverse, we feature the best, quality speculation available in today's paranoid fuel world. Come join us for an enjoyable evening of mindless speculation, a glass of warm, fresh fingerpointing, and a plate of delicious scapegoat.
It will be better
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Originally Posted by Dusky Jewell View Post
My guesses:

1. Neocon
2. A turdasaurus that loves beaches for turds.
3. Mesh rippers that don't like the linkbacks and Google fu.
4. Y'all piled on the wrong bitch.

One of those.

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I suspect that someone has been testing a new botnet or script - three of the sites I maintain had their server DDOS'd from 28th Jan through to 30th Jan (I'm hosted with Evohosting in the UK.

Evo got the servers IP address remapped and all was good until they swapped the servers IP back and the attack resumed straightway

Evo couldn't figure out if any of the sites on that server were targets or collateral damage but given that Anonymous has stood up and pronounced against "jihadist" websites and the Lizard Squad have been active of late - it could be anyone I guess
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And it's back.
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