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Playing music in a vehicle

I know how to play a set of concatenated 10-second music clips as a continuous tune, and have done it successfully in the past. I have a client who wants to be able to play music in a vehicle, but I am discovering that the music's speed and pitch drop as the vehicle is moving -- almost like a Doppler effect. I didn't expect that, and don't see any way to prevent it. Is this a known issue, and is there any hope of getting around it?

My sound clips are all identical in length and each one is preloaded as the previous clip is being played. Standing still, the playback is fine -- no gaps, distortions, ....

EDIT: I am playing the sounds with llPlaySound. The problem disappears if I use llTriggerSound but, of course, the volume drops off rapidly as I move away from the spot where each sound was triggered, since the sound is not traveling with the vehicle in that case.
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There is no way to get rid of the Doppler effect via LSL, it is a Clintside option, you can disable it in sound settings, however.

If you are using llSetSoundQueueing(TRUE) the next clip should start immediately when the previous ends for them, even if it ends up being a few seconds too early/soon, that way if you queue up the next clip after the previous has been playing for 5 seconds, you have up to 5 second leeway for being too soon/late.

Also note that if you upload double speed .ogg’s instead of .wavs you can Have 20 second clips instead of 10. Oggs play at half speed when uploaded, so a 10 second ogg takes 20 seconds to finish. If you take a 20 second clip and speed it up to 10 seconds and then upload, SL plays it back normally.

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It's a client-side effect. There's a debug setting called AudioLevelDoppler to adjust it.

The Doppler effect should apply to the difference of velocities between emitter and receiver. It seems to apply to the velocity of the emitter only.

You can try filing a JIRA but there's little hope that it will be accepted. It was filed as VWR-10614 which was marked as duplicate of VWR-5775 and closed on the JIRA cleanup.
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I was afraid of that. Thanks.
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