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convert unix time

Hi, can somebody help fix this code from a rentbox please,

it says my timeleft is:
6 weeks 42 days 17 hours 34 mins

their realy is 42 days in total, but if it says thiers 6 weeks then thiers no need for It to mention the days unless their was 6 weeks and 1 day 17 hours 34 mins for example

string ts2Days(integer unixExpiration)
    integer seconds = unixExpiration - llGetUnixTime(); integer weeks = seconds / 604800;
    integer days = seconds / 86400; integer hours = (seconds % 86400) / 3600;
    integer mins = (seconds % 3600) / 60; string time = "";
    if (weeks) { time += (string)weeks + " week"; if (~-weeks) time += "s"; time += " "; }
    if (days) { time += (string)days + " day"; if (~-days) time += "s"; time += " "; }
    if (hours) { time += (string)hours + " hour"; if (~-hours) time += "s"; time += " "; }
    if (mins) { time += (string)mins + " min"; if (~-mins) time += "s"; }
    if (days < 4) return time + ",EXPIRING"; else if (days > 6) return time + ",SUPER";
    else return time + ",OK";
    return time;
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days = (seconds % 604800) / 86400
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integer days = (seconds % 604800) / 86400;
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Subtract the weeks from the days:

if (weeks) { days -= (7 * weeks); }

ETA: Ooo, or what Twisted and Void said will do it in one step.
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Speaking of UNIX time:

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