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Deadly Drug Interactions From Grapefruit

Grapefruit may turn more drugs deadly, scientists find - Vitals
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Mrs. Beebo and I each take one of the referenced drugs, but we get our presecriptions filled at different pharmacies. HER pharmacy has a warning sticker about grapefruit juice and apparently has had it for years; mine does not.

I plan on asking my pharmacist about that omission this week.
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One of the drugs I take for cholesteral (simvastatin if I'm spelling it correctly) is on the list, with a very high chance of interaction to break down skeletal muscles and induce kidney failure.

I'm going to ask my doctor to put me on something else. There's no telling where grapefruit juice and related will show up in the food stream. Its also in some forms of marmelade and other citrus (but not oranges).
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The grapefruit issue has been known for a while, and I've never understood why grapefruits, grapefruit juice, and products containing grapefruit don't carry warnings. I just avoid the stuff. It may be difficult to find drugs that don't involve the CYP-3A4 pathway (and I've seen some references to the possibility that grapefruit might also affect CYP-2D6 as well). Also, in addition to increasing the max plasma concentration, as mentioned in the article, blocking a major metabolic pathway like that can also prolong the overall half-life and duration of effect for a drug. So for drugs that are taken multiple times a day, the initial dose might not cause problems, but it won't wear off before the next dose is taken, etc.

Food and drinks containing phenylalanine carry warnings for phenylketonurics who might be unable to metabolize it. A far greater portion of the population takes drugs metabolized by CYP-2D6, so shy don't food and drinks containing grapefruit at least carry a requirement to mention that it contains grapefruit?

I have to wonder if it's the naturalistic fallacy striking again, it always does seem to pop up wherever there's a potential to get people killed.
Originally Posted by Ava Glasgow
But I cannot take your arguments seriously when you back them up with links to ridiculously bad information. It's not bad because I disagree with it, it's bad because it really is bad. These sites demonstrate zero knowledge of the science they are discussing, they link almost exclusively to other non-information, and when they DO link to an authoritative source, they misrepresent what the source actually says.
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