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Realistic Human Skin Demo

Jorge Jimenez, a graphics researcher, seems to have figured out how to do realistic human skin rendering in real time.

Here is a downloadable demo (if you have a fast graphics card):

If you wait until the demo ends, or hit space bar at any time, you can play with the controls. Left, middle, and right mouse will move the camera or lights. Since it's a skin demo, the model head doesn't have hair, eyelashes, or open eyes.

Human skin is translucent, meaning light penetrates partially, then comes back out in different directions. From what I understand, Jimenez' technique has separate controls for different color channels as far as how the translucency works.

The intent is to incorporate this technique into real time software like games. Realistic rendering of human skin has been done before, but as far as I know, not fast enough for real-time use.

Original blog post: Jorge Jimenez – The day has come

Vimeo clip if you can't run the live demo:

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Exciting news! I'll have a look once I'm back home.
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Oh, great. Another shiny for SL to shove down our throats. Just imagine what this will look like over the current avatar mesh. Talk about an "uncanny valley"!

Seriously, though, that's pretty spectacular.

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As far as LL goes, the biggest problem they've self-inflicted has been extremely poor art assets. There's not much, technically speaking, separating the SL appearance editor from the appearance editor in a host of videogames, like Fallout 3 or Skyrim, but LL chose to use such horrible assets for skin, blush, freckles, etcetera and THAT's what makes the system skin look so bad.

New tech won't change that unless they hire professionals to do the art assets.
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will my nvidia 9800xt run it?
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it runs okay! little choppy, looks fab, though.

this isnt as good but it runs from your browser:
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