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Octopoda, space aliens? Or:Octopuses came to Earth from space as frozen eggs

Science news: Octopuses came to Earth from space as frozen eggs millions of years ago

So, where in the scheme of things is the Daily/Sunday Express seen, respect-wise. Hadn't heard of it before, I don't think.

The tabloid like article in, what I've looked up to find is a tabloid, is based on a paper put out through Science Direct, another thing I'm not sure of it's respect level (though I'd heard of it before, just never examined it).

Cause of Cambrian Explosion - Terrestrial or Cosmic?

Evidence of the role of extraterrestrial viruses in affecting terrestrial evolution has recently been plausibly implied in the gene and transcriptome sequencing of Cephalopods.
Its large brain and sophisticated nervous system, camera-like eyes, flexible bodies, instantaneous camouflage via the ability to switch colour and shape are just a few of the striking features that appear suddenly on the evolutionary scene.
One plausible explanation [for why octopus evolved so quickly], in our view, is that the new genes are likely new extraterrestrial imports to Earth - most plausibly as an already coherent group of functioning genes within (say) cryopreserved and matrix protected fertilized Octopus eggs.
Thus the possibility that cryopreserved Squid and/or Octopus eggs, arrived in icy bolides several hundred million years ago should not be discounted (below) as that would be a parsimonious cosmic explanation for the Octopus' sudden emergence on Earth ca. 270 million years ago. Indeed this principle applies to the sudden appearance in the fossil record of pretty well all major life forms, covered in the prescient concept of “punctuated equilibrium” by Eldridge and Gould advanced in the early 1970s (1972, 1977)
In a final reckoning it would have to be admitted that ultimately all of evolution has been controlled and continues to be controlled by space-borne organisms, microbes and viruses.
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Originally Posted by Lexxi Gynoid View Post
The tabloid like article in, what I've looked up to find is a tabloid...
To be fair, the trend has been to the tabloid format in the UK such that ALL papers, except the Daily Telegraph, are now tabloid. The Times brought respectability (?) to the format some years ago by switching to this much more practical and manageable size - the Guardian chose an in-between size to avoid having the pejorative name 'tabloid' but have since relented and gone all the way.

Having said that - the Daily Express may at one time have been at the lower end of the 'respectable' news media it is now almost as much of a 'rag' as the (turns and spits) Daily Mail.
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It's woo.

The octopi are fairly well placed in the record. They're no more alien than we are.

Also punctuated equilibrium does not require anything of the sort. When cars first appeared on the country's roads there were many different plans and power sources used in them. By the time the 20s rolled around there were three main power sources left and one main bodyplan. That hasn't really changed much since.

When something is new you see more change as it adapts. Later on there's too much invested in a given structure and you see less change at that level.

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It's true, it's true!

They said the reason there is so little cephalopod fossil material is that they're made almost completely from soft tissue but that's way too obvious an explanation so it must be wrong!
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A scathingly sarcastic write-up here:
Bizarre New Study Suggests Octopuses Came From Outer Space | IFLScience

From the original paper, convincing proof of the Aliens theory:
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Originally Posted by Veritable Quandry View Post
The paper includes a whopping 33 researchers (although notably zero zoologists) including a chap called Chandra Wickramasinghe.
Ah Ha!

So not at all surprised. Pity when a scientist goes off the rails.
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You don't have to make stuff up about octopuses, they are fascinating enough - this documentary is worth every minute (and the 'alien' in the title is just a conincidence)
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aliens , aliens among us , evolution , science

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