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I think the thing that put the final nail in the RP coffin for me was this need of some RP'ers to need someone like me who provided the sim and a decent back story to always be there almost like a director of actors on a stage. Actor unwilling to move the story along, or ad-lib and take it in another direction. After a time I had no time to RP myself, but was always seeing to the sim, or making up another part of the back story to move it along. After awhile I found myself not RP, but being the writer, director, and prop-person.
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Nothing drove me away, I just go through phases, everyone has to take a break from it sometime. What keeps me from coming back now also makes it clear why so many people are now so soured on it; the longwinded emotes.

When I first saw one of these from a player, I thought it was a great character establishing moment, it really set the stage. But then I realized this was common practice, and it's just ruinous for storytelling pacing. You can't reasonably expect to hold an audience like this, by encumbering all listeners with a wall of text. I'd never seen and never imagined the widespread contempt for RP that's developed around SL, but it's a very clear indicator that your audience has walked out on you. All that's left are the few willing to show consideration for each others inability to cede the damn floor and let improvisational dynamics flow.

If you want to compel an audience then leave them wanting, and not turn every line of dialog into a soliloquy. Punch up the details and leave the rest to audio/visual presentation and the other participants' imaginations. Instead of overembroidering every trivial gesture with explanatory backstory and unspoken motives, leave the threads of implication dangling. If not everyone catches them, you can always tease them out a little later. If you never get the opportunity to make the details clear, then your hints may be wasted, but at least you didn't waste too many words on them.
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I just never cared for it & prefer being myself in SL. I see SL as a cooler version of a chat room, a virtual chat world or something (even-though it doesn't seem that way due to many lag issues). That's just me though
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