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A question regarding the Snaggletooth Kobold and RP sims.

So, first off, hi! I'm Zaire, and I'm new here. Glad to finally find an SL RP forum!

However, what I'm not so thrilled about is the experience I've been having here of late. You see, I've taken a long break from RP after about ten years in various games, but now that I've started getting more into SL again I want to find a place to RP, but at every turn I'm being stymied purely because of my avatar.

Fantasy sims, sci-fi sims, regular sims, either they don't want me because I'm a furry (and for clarification, I'm talking adult sims here) and it's still trendy to discriminate against us in some places, or they don't want me there because of my avatar.

Now SL hasn't always been really big on realism in my eyes, but now I'm suddenly finding myself locked out of potential RP areas purely because my avatar does not look 'realistic' has 'eyes that are too big and look drawn on' (despite the fact this is a non humanoid character sharing a world with orcs and aliens of all sizes and shapes, many of whom have glowing eyes themselves in far, far more immersion breaking manners) or, and this is my personal favorite 'looks like something that's walked out of a saturday morning cartoon and/or mario game'.

Frankly, I'm getting tired and put off. Tired of being denied for the pettiest things, tired of effectively being forced to buy other avatars to RP in places when I've already bought things for the Kobold, and most of all, tired of being judged the instant I land in a sim, not for my quality as a roleplayer, not for my backstory, not for my reputation or my picks, but simply because I'm wearing 'that goddamn animu kobold' that a few of the admin team have taken a disliking to.

So! Rant aside, I'd like to ask. What adult RP sims in the fantasy, medieval, sci-fi... Basically anything, what sims are there that are still allowing Snaggletooth users in to roleplay? Any information is appreciated!
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to the best of my knowledge Crack Den/Hathian will let you be a furry. Altho with the twist that they will treat you as a "human in a costume", like the characters at Disney World that walk around and take pictures with kids. Or like someone at a Comic Con in full costume. So... that might not be acceptable to you.

You could maybe play a crazy character soooo obsessed with his/her fursuit that you refuse to take it off. Ever!

Personally. i constantly change my avatar and buy new clothes and addons to suit various RP places i want to be in. This sometimes means growing taller. Taking off robot-like enhancements, or whatever to suit the theme of the place i want to play. i guess that's where we differ. i think it's more fair that *i* adapt to the sim i want to play in (and to the guidelines the person paying $295 - of real money - a month sets).. then for the roleplay sim to adapt to me.

You also could specifically seek out *furry* RP places. Then you'd have no problem either. Or you could buy your own sim and start your own RP place that allows a more broad range of avatar types and looks. The sky is the limit when you have your own land and make your own rules.

i'm not in world now, so i can't search furry RP zones. But in the snaggletooth group you could maybe ask where others who use that avatar RP?

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Shades of Immortality allows them. Could try starting your story there.

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Originally Posted by Thurkearan View Post
Shades of Immortality allows them. Could try starting your story there.

We allow Kobolds, and Kemono Avatars.

Our Rules are as followed:
This means no massively oversized eyes for the norm of your race. It also means no skin/fur/hair that is primarily neon-colored where that is not properly explained.

As an example of what is allowed, you may play a furry avatar with somewhat large eyes, as long as it's not massively over the top. You may of course also play a dragon with green scales, but when it becomes glowy neon-green it might be a problem. This is a very subjective rule, so when there's doubt, just ask. We will strive to be reasonable in this, keeping in mind the overall look of your character, and also what's available on the marketplace for what you are trying to play.

Kemono and Kobold
As long as the above rules are strictly followed, we allow furry and kemono avatars on this sim. Pay special attention to not have your kemono avatar appear child-like.

No Hyper Characters:

We do not allow avatars with massively oversized body parts, like genitalia or breasts.
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Originally Posted by Liyah View Post
No Hyper Characters:

We do not allow avatars with massively oversized body parts, like genitalia or breasts.
but....but... I need to have big tits to fill the void in my soul!

But really, I understand why some sims don't want them to distract from non sexual RP. I get more aggravated when someone cites realism as the reason. Hypers are as realistic as any fantasy or scifi...
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