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Scrambled eggs & tomatoes
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This is a depression era recipe that my Grandfather used to make
Other: Ingredients:
10 minutes
Serving Size:
  1. 1 can diced tomatoes
  2. 3 eggs
  3. spices
  4. garlic
  5. fresh-ground pepper
  6. hot sauce
  1. Be hungry
  1. Drain a can of diced tomatoes.
  2. In a large skillet, cook the remaining moisture out of the tomatoes until they're mostly dry.
  3. Whisk 3 eggs, then scramble with the tomatoes
  4. Add whatever spices you're in the mood for, for example basil & oregano or cumin and corriander.
  5. Garlic and fresh ground pepper to taste

  6. Serve with a dash of hot sauce if desired
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Just a thought, about the "diced tomatos": at a recent cooking class, a chef I really respect was discussing this (Northern Italian is her specialty). While she doesn't have a problem for canned tomatos, especially in sauces, she said to buy the canned *whole* tomatos and do the dice yourself. The reason? The one's that come 'diced' contain a lot of the leavings, cuttings, and leftover stuff from all the various other canned tomato variations. In her opinion, you don't get the best quality that way, and it only takes a moment to dice it yourself.

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I make a variation of this all the time. It's one of the few things I can make that ends up edible. Instead of diced tomatoes I use a sweet onion. I melt some margarine over medium head and dice half a medium sized onion and let it simmer in the melted margarine. I use just enough margarine to create a puddle large enough for the onion bits. When the onion is soft and just starting to brown I put in four eggs whisked with a little bit of milk. Yummm! (and *burp* because that's what I just had for dinner).
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