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GOP Tries ACORN-Like Voter Outreach Tactics In North Dakota

Headline lifted directly from a HuffPo story btw.

The rub:
...Republican operatives deployed in the western part of the state where the oil industry is booming are using the same tactics that conservatives have often complained the defunct ACORN used to help Democrats: signing up transient and recent arrivals, such as colleges students, as voters. But in this case, the prospective voters are oil workers. The main effort is getting people who are drawn to the oil patch from far and wide to sign up as North Dakota residents, which automatically allows them to vote. The state has no voter registration process, and out-of-staters can vote legally in North Dakota as long as they have lived there for at least 30 days.
I've had promo material encouraging me to vote pushed through the mail slot of my corp apartment up there twice. In both cases, it was from republican organizations. I won't vote in ND, but by letter of the law, I certainly could.

Lot's of interesting ideological ironies in that region
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