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Apparently the Nazis are looking to recruit the depressed

This thread, retweeted by Felicia Day, just crossed my Twitter timeline:

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But it refused. <3

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That extends also to the ways abusive communities suck in people. From Scientology to 419 scams. Y'all read that thread.
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Well, yes... No one is sitting there thinking "Holy shit, my life is fucking awesome! The only thing left to make it 100% perfect is to become a Nazi!" I have yet to meet anyone who was a part of those groups who had not been hurt deeply by something. Having someone else to blame and look down on makes the pain more manageable.

How to fix this? I dunno. Start by making sure you as a good person listen to those who are hurting, before the wolves get their teeth in.
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article has me depressed now
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Thing is, I can't think I'd ever be that depressed; then again, a portion of my heritage were the first into the nazi camps, too.

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