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Originally Posted by Wanda Belinda View Post
There don't seem to be a lot of people interested in doing the busting nowadays.
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I don't know this helps to understand Libertarianism, or libertarianism, or crony political organizations, or just certain kinds of people.

Former Cato employees describe years of harassment
Three former employees of the famed Cato Institute say they were sexually harassed by Ed Crane, the 73-year-old co-founder and president emeritus of the think tank and one of the most recognizable figures in the libertarian movement.

One former employee said Crane asked her to take off her bra. Another said he compared her breasts to pornographic images on his computer. A third said he sent her an email on breast augmentation. Crane also settled an additional sexual harassment claim by a former employee in 2012, her lawyer confirmed to POLITICO.


“Working at Cato, if you’re a young libertarian, is an enormous privilege,” said the former research assistant who said she received an email from Crane about breast augmentation in 2003. “People just sort of thought, ‘Well I’m a libertarian, Ed owns the place, I kind of believe in his right to run it the way he wants to.’”
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Originally Posted by Myf View Post

This is the truth.
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