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Apparently it's Russia's turn... it's like we are playing chess..


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Maybe Trump will start a war between Russia and China.
Originally Posted by Chuang Tzu
If he who bursts out in anger is not really angry, then his anger is an outburst of nonanger. If he who launches into action is not really acting, then his action is a launching into inaction. He who wishes to be still must calm his energies; he who wishes to be spiritual must compose his mind; he who in his actions wishes to hit the mark must go along with what he cannot help doing. Those things that you cannot help doing - they represent the Way of the sage.
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Originally Posted by Katheryne Helendale View Post
Granted, they weren't where Trump said they'd be; but, it's worth noting that a nuclear aircraft carrier can cover 3500 miles surprisingly quickly.
At 45 knots which seems reasonable from a google search that's 70 hours or 3 days.
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"Death Game - Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un risk nuclear war"
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