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tl;dw: still busted AF and they have to get the budget for a permanent fix?
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The spillway is not going back to its pre-collapse state, ever. From the reporter's statements toward the end of the video about the dam authority soliciting design proposals, it sounds like the spillway will be operated the way it is currently through the spring runoff season and then a completely new one will be built - whether in its place or at some other location, I don't know. Obviously there won't be a proposed budget until a design is chosen - although the reporter mentioned that certain nearby concrete and fabrication plants are already being prepared for high-volume production in support of the project.
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Originally Posted by Argent Stonecutter View Post
tl;dw: still busted AF and they have to get the budget for a permanent fix?
It's a multi-step process to fix things. What was done previously is to dig out debris that ended up at the bottom of the spillway, on the order of millions of cubic yards. The current operation of the spillway is washing out more debris, which in a few days, after they shut off the water, they will again dig it out. This will be repeated a few more times until what is left is stable bedrock. Then they can start building the new spillway on a firm foundation.

The pool at the bottom is part of the outflow from the power plant, and the water level has to be kept at a certain level to not back up the flow from the turbines. Debris in the bottom pool raises the water level, so they need to remove it for the power plant to fully function. They can partly operate the turbines right now.

Like most large US dams, this one has multiple purposes - generate electricity, flood control, recreation, and water supply.
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