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Punking James O'Keefe

Something to keep an eye on.

It appears as if operatives connected with James O'Keefe have been attempting to encourage progressive groups into shutting down the inauguration. Considering O'Keefe's past, this is likely, if true, designed to brand left groups as violent thugs and criminals.

Here's HuffPo's take on it...

Counter-Sting Catches James O'Keefe Network Attempting To Sow Chaos At Trump's Inauguration | The Huffington Post

WASHINGTON ― A left-wing political group released a new video Monday of a counter-sting that has uncovered evidence of right-wing activists trying to sow chaos at Donald Trump’s inaugural ceremony, an effort to portray critics of Trump who march against him as violent fringe figures.

The counter-sting, carried out by The Undercurrent and Americans Take Action, a project of a previous target of provocateur James O’Keefe, managed to surreptitiously record elements of O’Keefe’s network offering huge sums of money to progressive activists if they would disrupt the ceremony and “put a stop to the inauguration” and the related proceedings to such a degree that donors to the clandestine effort would “turn on a TV and maybe not even see Trump.” To have riots blot out coverage of Trump, the donor offered “unlimited resources,” including to shut down bridges into D.C.
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Thankfully he's a mostly incompetent dildo. Keep giving him money, dumb conservatives!
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Dumb and incompetent seems to be working these days
Hey troll, don't you have a rapture to pray for or some poor people to run over or some beatitudes to ignore or newspapers to burn or something?

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