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Kitely Forum

I have been asked for a forum specifically for discussing Kitely, so I have added one inside of the OpenSim forum. As with other forums, it can be excluded in your settings. It currently doesn't have any posts - if there are any threads you think should be moved there, let me know. Hopefully this will also ease some of the complains about Kitely topics appearing in other threads.

Kitely - SLUniverse Forums
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Originally Posted by Vin Diesel View Post
Thank you for the tips. Proper care will save money in long term. Someone always help make seriuosly posts i'd condition.
I couldn't agree more buddy.

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Originally Posted by OrinB View Post
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Necro! Evidently the Kitely forum did not stay?

Ya, this is my contribution to the ‘necro a thread trend’ but I did legit search Kitely because we haZ a Kitely and I know most people don’t like Kitely posts mixed in on other threads here.
Oh SNAP, I think I plurked my my Blogity Blog flickr'ing?
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Originally Posted by Fauve Aeon View Post
Necro! Evidently the Kitely forum did not stay?
Nope. Not enough sustained and unique interest.
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