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Older, but when will this wisdom thing occur ??
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I went and read Received Items the other day, it was fun !

I shall read it again as well, so I hope that gives you some joy
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Originally Posted by Zero Sideways View Post
Does a blog that's nothing but a gargantuan money pit that's sucks time and resources and all the joy out of life count?
Sounds like a home business to me.
Mass starvation of virtual bunnies due to a cease and desist order. Now THAT is Second Life!
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I normally don't have a .sig here anyway. I don't want my uppity opinionated snark tied to my in-world stuff.
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This thread needed a bump. I'll be certain NOT to add any product images to Snapzilla (and my .sig) as it's not fair to others who've paid to advertise on SLU. The banner ad rates are reasonable, and Cris needs our support.
Huh? Oh, my good heck.

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