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Tower Unite

Thought some of you would enjoy this game!

You purchase once, then that's it--no more microtransactions. In order to customize your avatar, you earn points from playing various games around the map. You can also purchase different homes and decorate them to your heart's content.


- Play minigames such as Minigolf, Ball Race, Virus, and more!
- Earn items
- Hang with your friends in your own personalized house
- Connect with others through a massive Plaza with various attractions and games
- Party with friends!
- Watch synchronized media such as YouTube or Soundcloud
- Suggest new features - we listen!
- No microtransactions or subscription fees
There's food you can buy in-game as well.

There's also a casino! You play for points, not money:

Tower Unite also lets you host your own private server. You don't need to play on the official servers if you don't want to.

Supposedly this game is going on sale soon. You can get it on Steam here.
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