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Dorkus Maximus
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Login issues in OSgrid

Once in a while I head over to OSgrid but this weekend was hit and miss. For some reason I couldn't login. I would get the standard Can't Connect yadda yadda after a timeout. Now I'd heard they had done some major upgrades to the grid software so I figured...ok maybe I need to try a different viewer. So I downloaded the latest Phoenix viewer...selected OSgrid from the grid manager and ........waited.....and timed out. Ok, let's get tricky and create a modded shortcut for the LL 2.3 viewer with a new -loginuri ...nope...not happening.

Interestingly enough OSgrid's link to downloads and connection now only recommend the Imprudence viewer....which I downloaded and tried and connected instantly. The do give instructions on what the login and helper uri are for using your own viewer...but that didn't seem to help wth either the standard LL viewer 2.3, CoolVL, or Phoenix. I'm hoping it's just a glitch with their grid software because if it becomes necessary to only use a viewer they choose to login, then I'm going to have to limit my visits there.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I've not been able to find anything really in the way of specific viewer login problems.
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Hi, many users , myself included ,had that login problem after the upgrade to opensimulator version 7.xx. After a message at the new webpage told me the grid
was back online i searched for that answer ,and found a message saying the loginuri
had changed.
As recommended i opened the gridlist from the Hippoviewer, added a new grid called Osgrid2, and gave that new one the new Login uri : http://login.osgrid.org/
After doing so i was able to login , and i assume thats all one has to do, adding a new grid or trying to modify the existing one and use that new login uri.
In Hippo and perhaps others viewers this can also be done in the subfolder Hippo\app_settings\default_grids.xml , modifying in that "default_grids.xml "the osgrid url to the new one, and you'r done....
Info how to set the Secondlife viewer can be found here :OSgrid (under the " Grid" TAB at the right top of the screen at osgrid homepage)..........
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Dorkus Maximus
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Thanks for the reply Daffy, even though I changed the default_grids.xml yesterday, for some reason it hadn't saved. So after reading your post I decided to double check my changes and sure enough they weren't saved. The old loginuri of osgrid.org at port 8002 was still showing. Got Phoenix to connect, now to go modify CoolSL.

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