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Just an update. I have finally succeeded in getting the latest version of OpenSim standalone to work!! But it does have some bugs - like not all prims that I rezz survive after log-out. Some do, some don't.

Anyway, I've only really got the standalone to play about with as it's on someone else's computer! I'll wait till I get a new comp for myself before attempting anything ambitious in OS! I haven't transferred 'myself' to standalone yet, I leave it all to Test User.

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Regarding the prims surviving, make sure you issue a "shutdown" command from the opensim console and you don't just close it!

When you rez a prim, it's not immediately persisted to the store, but it usually is after ten minutes or so. However, when you issue a shutdown command, the region immediately persists any pending items. If you just quit the app you'll lose stuff.
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Diva Disto of Opensim V0.7 - great way to try out a standalone grid!

If you have never run an OpenSim grid/region before then this is the "distro" to get!

Diva gives you a complete and running virtual world with 4 "mega" regions and a working hypergrid. The Installation guide has all kinds of details that will help you get started and avoid most problems.

As usual Diva has some very interesting and useful add-ons to the regular "core" distro!

Read about it here: Diva Distro for 0.7: Introducing Wifi

A test world to try it out: Temporary Test world (dies in a couple of weeks)

Grab a copy from: Download

Finally a VERY complete installation guide: Installation in 5 easy steps (6 for Linux)

The "Linux only" step (install mono 2.4.2) does not apply to Ubuntu since Ubuntu already comes with Mono 2.4.4 installed.
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create regions

I finally got the whole create region thing down, the instructions were not so clear. but now i can't seem to connect that region to the original one and i think it is due to the location of x and y, i am not sure what to say to those with the original region being 1000,1000. I also have 2 IP the real one router one and not sure which of these to use in the stand alone program. HELP plz hugs from Cathy
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Just thought I would add an update regarding stand-alones.

AuroraSim is very easy to install and set up. Yes, its OpenSim, but they completely changed how it configures. I've never set up a grid of any kind and this took me just a couple of hours.

I'm having a blast with it!!
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Originally Posted by Sarge Misfit View Post
Just thought I would add an update regarding stand-alones.

AuroraSim is very easy to install and set up. Yes, its OpenSim, but they completely changed how it configures. I've never set up a grid of any kind and this took me just a couple of hours.

I'm having a blast with it!!
Weird, I followed the instructions and never got the thing off the ground. Also I found myself confused as the instructions that I found seemed to either want you to run your own grid, or run in standalone mode.

Pretty disappointing for me, but maybe I'll give it another try some other time.

Btw, this was on ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS, i686, mono 2.4.4
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Use the Diva Dist it is what you need....

Lionheart, sorry to hear about the difficulties you encountered in trying to upgrade you installation of opensim. But if you are running a standalone set up, I would hightly recommend that you go with the Diva Dist installation. In fact Diva is a developer with the opensim project and has put out a very effecient and easy to follow installation. It even comes with a update utility to keep up with the latest release. And a plugin which allows you to set up a web interface so your friends and you can login from the Internet to your computer however I believe that is for a standalone grid setup using the robust server. And she has also just released a new updated install today. The only thing you have to be careful about is by default it is set up for a megaregion. So if you have regular regions already, you do not want to run it with the megaregions entered as true in the Divapreferences.ini file located in the Config-include folder. The other file you set up your configuration located under the also in the config-include folder in the Myworld.ini file. That is where you would set up your database most preferably MYSQL and put your connection port if it is other than 9000. Then you can copy your prior regions over as oar files. Also her version allows you to add IAR files to your standard inventory. For instance if you have backed up your entire library from opensim to your computer, you just copy your iar file over to a directory under the installation, and then when you log in, you can access your opensim library in your standalone set up. She also has some IAR files you can download from her git site. Here is the URL to get the latest install:

And this is her blog where you can get info on the program...and other matters related to opensim.

Metaverse Ink Blog

If you have any questions just ask me, will be glad to guide you in the proces.

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Ok first the Diva installation is a greatly changed installation, mainly to make it easier on the installation part. You will only have two files you need to change on it, the DivaPreferences.ini you should not generally change unless you will not want a megaregion. All the other changes would be in the the MyWorld.ini file. You enter your MYSQL information and if you don't use the default TCP port 9000 you would change that to what every you are using for that port through out the whole ini file.

Now if you wanted a sim on OSGRID or to set up a grid on your own computer you can go for the latest release which fixes a lot of problems every time they issue a new one. It is a lot more stable than than it use to be event though it is sill called alpha.

But regardless the errors you were indicating tells me that you are having UDP port issues which is probably related to your router. Almost always that is what is behind this problem, especailly if you can get the console to load for opensim, but when using the viewer it won't let you sign in. Basically the UDP ports you choose for each region must agree with what you have mapped for your particular computer in the router. You must also make sure that your internal IP address ie: or what ever it is, is your true computer address. Having the wrong ip in your routher setup will cause this problem. You must have both the TCP port 9000 or what ever, and the UDP ports set as looping back to your particular IP address. If you have no router, then that will not be a problem.

Anyway good luck and if you stick with it, you can get it going. Just remember that when they update the builds they do sometimes move things in the various INI files. Alot of things these days are now set by default in the OpenSimDefaults.ini file. But you should not make any changes to that one. Instead you would make the changes to the opensim.ini. Just because they are disabled does not mean you can not change them to your own preferences in opensim.ini. However make changes only when you are sure of the results.
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People do realize a cheap pc that can run open sim can be had at a yard sale if you look around. I know people want to be on mac or whatever but you could build a full community 4 sim grid on a cheap pc if you wanted to deal with the minor setup procedure that differs a tad from sim on a stick.
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Originally Posted by Lionheart View Post
All good info I will make use of next weekend, thank you for that.
You may have something on the router possibly, since I do have one and 2 computers on my desk are on all the time and they go through a router.

I did use the 127.0.01 "local" ip in each instance, and for the connection port I had left the first sim and the connect at port 9000 default.

And so, my local "grid url" in the viewers was always this:

As I remember the viewers were trying to connect and were, but not authenticating the user/pw, so it would appear at least on the surface that connecting was working, as evidenced in the terminal too. I would think if say, the url or port were wrong somewhere, the viewer would display a different error, more like "domain not found" or "unable to connect to host" "access denied" or something like that.
I am able to connect to my grid with that url and port etc etc *IF* I'm using the 0.6.* with the internal database.

I dont want a mega region or to connect to a outside grid, this is just for my own use and for backing up my work and content, and so I had adjusted the settings where I saw them- for that purpose.

Just for laughs I downloaded the diva latest version and ran it out of the "box" and it started to load, asked for region name and all that and then a bunch of red errors and it quit, restarted it again and didnt get even that far.
I think Im going to start over and confirm I have the correct mono installed with the correct mySQL this week, as well as research which works best in OSX 10.5

But I will tackle the rest next weekend, I'm kind of burned out with it at the moment after 3 days of messing with it as Im sure you can understand
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