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Hypergrid Hopping with Firestorm and OSGrid

Ok, so I can't figure out what the hell I am doing wrong here.

I'm trying to HG to other grids from OSGrid, I'm using Firestorm as my viewer.

If I cut and paste say, a URL from a webpage for another grid, and it has https in front, it prompts to open a browser. Ok, I get that.

If I use the whole secondlife:URL thing it fails. if I try just putting in the URL IE Outworldz OpenSim Dynamic DNS or Outworldz OpenSim Dynamic DNS ir pops up the internal search and tells me "no regions found with that name".

I found some HG portal objects that worked, and in the past I was able to HG to OSGrid from my own private sim/grid.

I just don't understand what I am doing wrong here.
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It's weird.
You put it in the map, where you'd enter a region name.
Depending on the viewer you either have to put in the leading "http://" or you don't. With firestorm you usually don't.

For instance, to get to metro's Sandbox from Zaius Plaza, I would type:


in the map.

To make matters more confusing, the viewer will mangle the address (adding the http:// and all that) which you may or may not be able to use if you edit it.

Also, I've had problems with some viewers accepting <url><port>:<regionname> and others <url><port>/<regionname>, like:


So, basically; try it with and without the leading "http://", and possibly switch between ":" or "/" before the region name.

Also pay attention to the port number (not everyone uses 8002; standalones are often 9000-something and to get to osgrid, their port number is port 80, so you have to type hg.osgrid.org:80:lbsa plaza to get there).

As a rule, just typing the name in the map (without "http://") works for me, but sometimes it doesn't.
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