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Originally Posted by derem View Post
If i can i will tell something about e-cigs. Its not possible to quit smoking using them. I tried for like half a year with no results... ;/
I quit smokin' cigs after about a month vaping. I'd have one in the mornin', then one after lunch, then one before bed. Then one day I was outside smokin' mai last night cig n' I wondered, "wai am I doin' this? This tastes like ass!"

And then after 'bout 9 months of slowly decreasin' teh amount of nicotine in mai vape, I quit vaping.

It does work n' after 40 years of smokin'!
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Sharing my current setup, because it has some nice benefits...

I'm using an Eleaf TC100W, which is a large device (though small for most Mods) that uses 1-2 standard 18650 batteries... they can be charged separately or through a micro usb.

The real feature here is that it supports temperature control coils in addition to regular ones. TC coils are made from either nickel or titanium at a specific ohm rating so that they can hit a precise temperature based on applied voltage/wattage. this lets you precisely set the temperature the e-liquid gets to, allowing you to adjust it for different fluids, and also how cool/wet - hot/dry your vape is....

personally I prefer a cooler temp that's less dry, but most batteries, even Varaiable Voltage (which it can operate as, or variable wattage) ones make this hard to do, since it makes it slow to heat up. Temp control means the device heats up fast, but draws back once it hits it's target temp.....

My experience so far with it is amazing. I can run it constantly, while charging another set of cells, It's heavy, but it's comfortable in the hand. it uses magnetic covers for the batteries, which can be annoying around small metal objects. the magnets are glues in, and the glue can fail, but a touch of hot glue and jam them back in seems to be a permanent solution. the firing button is behind on of the magnetic covers so it effectively a full height squeeze button which is really nice.

Along with it I'm using their Melo III tank. it's nice because it's top liquid fill, but it has a bit of a vapor lock problem (still working on tweaking the atomizers to offset this). on the plus side it means it doesn't flood or leak, on the downside it means I frequently need to unscrew the top to release the vacuum.

as a side note I've been using Vapor Vapes for DIY flavors and e-liquids, decent prices on bulk e-liquid, and flavors have decent strength in the ~8.33-16.66% mix ratio... but have only tested a few flavors.
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Well I got a shock and a half over the Thanksgiving weekend ...

A roomie and I have been sharing an e-cig setup that consisted of a Kanger Sub-tank and a Vaporesso Tarot box mod (the tank was second hand as it was given to me by a friend that decided she didn't need it while the mod was something I'd bought on sale at a local shop).

A mutual friend of ours went up to a local shop intending to get us some juice to last until next month .... and he ended up picking up an iJoy Capo 100W kit as an early Christmas present and a thank you for giving him a place to stay a year ago.

Have to say, while the tank is a bit smallish I am bloody loving this thing.
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My heart goes out to anyone who is trying to quit smoking.

With so many positive stories on this, I think I am willing to give vaping a try. Born with a heart valve problem with multiple surgeries and stints through life, my cardiologist TEAM have basically dropped the hammer on me. I have one artery totally closed in various areas right up to the valve and they are not going to try and open it at this point because they don't think I would make it. They are wanting my body to bypass itself (It happens.) That won't work at all if I keep smoking and they made it clear that smoking WILL kill me sooner than later. Yet I puff away.

Here is the thing, tar is not the issue. Nicotine is. I can't just replace nicotine with nicotine. If any of you have vaped and weaned yourself off nicotine entirely, what level did you start at and how long did it take you to get to 0. Did you start at 0?
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No Soda, for most, it depends on if your smoking full flavor, light, ultralight, or whatever in your cigarettes. If you are smoking full flavor cigs, then the commonly stated start point in e-cigs is between 18 - 24mg of nicotine strength in your eliquids...if...your not sub-ohming. If your sub-ohming then 6 - 9mg is the usual startpoint. There is also another eliquid variety called Nic-Salts...and you would start around 40 - 50mg. Confused yet ? lol

It usually takes a few weeks for the lungs to get used to vaping. Then you can gradually decrease the amount of nicotine intake.
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Thank you Lord! I am starting to grasp the method I think. I dug a bit and found some info that might help, The cigarettes I currently smoke ( ultra-light - probably a pack a day) have 0.4 -0.5 mg of nicotine in them. I had thought about starting with a liquid that was 0.3 mg and trying to get down to 0 Mg?

Also, those that quit smoking, did you smoke when you began vaping or did you immediately switch from one to the other?
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I have finally for the last two weeks been without smoking, for the last two years I have been cutting down the cigarettes with various e-cig devices.

Whilst I like sub ohming tinkering with drippers, rtas, squonkers I could never despite all the investment in different gadgets take the final step of cutting out the cigarettes entirely. For about a year now (mainly with the help of a Nautilus mini and now a Nautilus 2) I have managed to cut out the cigs at work and just vape, but come the evening.. I want a cigarette or two.

I never much liked the innokin t18, it gave me additional throat hit I didn't want on thinner juices, but recently with element nic salts & especially their chocolate tobacco, and in my nautilus x their pink lemonade.. I have managed to make the final step to cut out the cigarettes. They satisfy that nicotine craving in the form of a vape similar to how I would smoke a cigarette such that they can replace it. Now when I get a craving the T18 or Nautilus X is on hand for my quick nicotine fix.

Some people can just stop and switch, but others like me couldn't. I think the best advice is just to try different set ups and juices and see what works for you. Your cigarette consumption will go down, and when you find the set up that works for you, you will know when you are ready to give them up completely.

Soda, since you have been smoking ultra lights, I would start a bit lower on the nicotine than Lord suggests. 6-12mg for setups over 1 ohm, under 0.5 ohms I would stick with 3mg (anything above that and I find they start to hurt my throat). For Nic Salts in the UK the max we can get (in premade juices) is 20mg and that works fine for me.

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My Eleaf succumbed to that brand's fire-button-suddenly-not-working issue, then I busted one of the teeny deck screws on the Kayfun Lite deck, but luckily I have a short-term part-time gig and got a new setup.

Wotofo Sapor RTA on a Wismec CB-60.

9 turns of 28awg NiCh80, 3mm (1.47ohms) @ 20W
Cut the "Tails" in half so they go in the four juice wells, set juice flow to 1/2 to prevent flooding.

Single coil on a Velocity without a blanking block:


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Anyone using one of the new pod style vaping devices ?
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I’m looking into CBD vapes for chronic pain - has anyone tried vaping it ? If so did you find it useful for pain management?
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