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In my year of experimentation I think my favourite fruity flavour is Vortex by Tornado Vapes (a different range by the same people that do the Dinner Lady range). It is Pink Grapefruit and Raspberry to make a Pink Lemonade.

Tornado - Vape Dinner Lady

With your 12mg juice, I would recommend getting a 6mg to compare. You may find that the 12mg is much harsher (especially when using a lower ohm coil) and you find your ideal by mixing in a lower nicotene of the same juice. For really low ohms (0.5 or under) you will probably be wanting 3mg juices.

I never liked menthol cigarettes but they can really add to fruit flavours, although maybe too much at low ohms. I recommend trying them.

Vampire Vape's Heisenberg, and Pinkman are two nice all day vapes, I use along with a local shops pink lemonade for all day vaping in my Nautilus X.


Note you can buy the concentrates from Vampire Vapes and make a lot of savings mixing in with your own VG\PG Nic solutions.
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They really do work! I stopped smoking by using one of these before too. A few friends of mine did the same.

I was on and off smoking for years.. but I haven't had one for agggeessss now though. So expensive here in the UK to smoke.

Good luck with it, I hope it works out for you!
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I'm an ex-smoker, hating all the tobacco companies and their dirty games (which they used to play in the past and probably still do). Good luck, I hope you will be able to stop.
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Originally Posted by eku Zhong View Post
Ok so then which is the tastiest cherry or berry flavour around?
Backwoods Brew Blueberry or Strawberry. Closest I've tasted to actual fruit.

If you want something a little bit more candy flavoured, try any of the OneHitWonder Milkman or Rocketman.

Or if you want to make your own, I can shoot you my Fruit Loops recipe.
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Originally Posted by Benjamin Opel View Post
They really do work! I stopped smoking by using one of these before too.
I also was able ta quit after well over 40 years of smokin' thanks ta the vapie thingies. I started smokin' (among other bad thingies ) when I was 12. But naow I'm much better.
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Dicks are so I wouldn't worry.
Originally Posted by Ishina View Post
And what's the difference between the Taliban forcing a woman to wear a veil and the police forcing a woman to take one off?
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I have been vaping for over a year now, my collection of Tanks and Mods is huge. I am not saving moiney but well... I do mix my own liquid. So I buy the ingerdients myself and mix them. As flavour I use those offered by a company that usually sells to Ice Cream parlours. They are food grade and in a solution of PG mostly... They do taste great and come in a big variety and they are pretty cheap... curently using the OBS Engine on a Hcigar vt75...
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