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i think its an awesome idea for present. my grandfather made several attempts to trace his tree before he died. He thought we had a castle somewhere. I a mutt. I have British,Scottish, German, Chinese and parts African several other things i don't even know. it gets really difficult to track cause Jamaicans were so mixed up.. supposedly I'm related to Henry the 8th possibly the queen herself. definitely want to try when i have to time.
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*yawns loudly*

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Would love to do this and will sometime this year.

My fathers side for his dad...we know very little about because he was a drop off orphan around age 7 or so and refused to talk about his parents or where he even came from. His mom was Hungarian or German...can't remember which (and not close with that side of the family to figure it out and don't even know her maiden name).

My mom's side has all sorts of stories floating around and recently found out that my great (great?) grandmother was an indentured servant in the states (Irish) but have been told there is a black foot mix in there (but I am very curious about that as my brother is much darker in comparison to me with way different features but I'm this tiny little thing and if I don't sit in the sun can make a ghost look tanned...except add freckles).

So yeah, going to do this sometime during the year and very interested to see the results.
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Originally Posted by Asher Bertrand View Post
Just scared to take it and find out I'm pure Neanderthal.
Unless you see this in the mirror, then probably not:

(a few pro-wrestlers and big-guy actors tho...)
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Originally Posted by DanielRavenNest View Post
Unless you see this in the mirror, then probably not:

This looks like the child of Morgan Freeman and Ron Perlman.
Originally Posted by Io Zeno
Cody, you are unusual.
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I am 50% English, 25% Irish, 15% Native American, and 10% of several other things.

I would love to travel to England some day. From what I learned on my Maternal side or name was Marple. I had a location in England where were from but have forgot. Some day I will check it out again.

Come visit me at Veni Vidi Lusi!!
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Originally Posted by Faxi2016 View Post
From what I learned on my Maternal side or name was Marple.
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I got a rather mean email in stating they don't test non-human DNA, and I was not eligible for a replacement test. Sheesh, the TOS should have stated it was for humans only.
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