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Notices Notices and well wishes and such things.

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Happy birthday Zoidyn Kytori!!!!!!


Ahaha, such a simpleton. It'z so much fun playing jokez on you. I waz only here to see how she waz doing, but I had fun while I waz at it. So long, Sere, au revoir, mon ami! Pleaze dream of moi every night! Oui! ~ Harle

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That's your own fault. I took your panties out of your mouth pages ago. Now you just like them there.
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Happy B-day!
Healthy Soil --> Healthy Food --> Healthy People --> Healthy Planet
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Happy birthday, Zoidyn!
When the power of love overcomes the love of power,
the world will know peace.
-J. Hendrix

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The bots and I thank you for the birthday wishes!

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Happy birthday to you and the bots!
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