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Hello everyone

Hi, just joined SL Universe and sending a big hello toe everyone. Humble club owner here, please say hi, if i can work out how to i will reply
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Welcome to SLU Gan.

I have a blog with stuffs in it Sium
You can also check my Flickr or my Pinterest for event covering.

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Originally Posted by Beebo Brink View Post

"There is no problem so large that it can't be solved by brute force and ignorance."
~Siggy Romulus (11/13/12)

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est Tiguidou Laļ Laļ
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Welcome Ganbo!

/me waves my big toe

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Welcome to the insane asylum, GanBo!

Would you care for some tea?
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That's all folks.
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Welcome to SLU.
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Thread Title of the Week 

I would offer you tea, but I am slow and Trasee always beats me to it ;-)
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