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E&D Engineering New Texture Releases 10/17/10

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This is an official E&D ENGINEERING Product Updates Communique


This Update Announcement brings you the release of several new and original Texture Packs... They're available at the main store location

We're pleased to announce the release of these new Texture Packs for your building needs...

As always, our textures are original creations. E&D Engineering does not resell textures purchased elsewhere, nor do we sell freebie textures. All our texture creations are uploaded as 24-bit (TGA) files and 32-bit Targa (TGA) files when they contain Alpha Transparency. Purchase of our textures grants you a non-exclusive license to use our textures in any project you create, for personal use or for profit, within the virtual world of Second Life. No permission is granted, at any time, to resell E&D Engineering textures as textures inside or outside of Second Life.

We look forward to seeing you in-world. Keep on building!


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