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Old 10-07-2010, 11:01 AM
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Deluxe Edition RLV Slave Cage by Something Spunky

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We are so proud of this new cage! We feel like it is a really strong, comprehensive BDSM roleplaying cage with so much capability. It was months in the making, with us bouncing numerous crazy ideas off eachother and saying..."Why not?" From adding the ability to catch two slaves at once, to dressing men up like girls and making them kiss... And then there is that naughty vine plant...

We hope you'll run down to the store to try it out and we're sure you'll love it as much as we do
~Vesta and Innula

PERMISSIONS: Copy with some Mod (textures of cage and some shapes can be modified, scripts/animations cannot be modified. Positions can be saved to modifiable note cards in cage contents).

Low-prim Steel Edition: 9 prims*
Deluxe Edition: 16 prims*
* Both styles have more prims during certain poses...i.e. when it rezzes objects, etc.)


*captives can be forced to interact with each other (including forced M-M kissing/sex)
*dress captive functions (including forced feminization outfits-oh my!)
*force strip captives
*cuff captives
*electric shock your captives
*RLV options, including catching, muting, blindfolding, deafening, no TP, trapping in cage, Forbid Inventory
*Texture Change for Deluxe Edition

The cage will allow you to capture people wearing active RLV Relays, and, among other things, force them to wear various "outfits" provided. Captives must either be wearing an RLV collar with a suitable relay built-in, or wear the RLV relay provided in the package. Captives must also be using an RLV viewer (like Phoenix, for example) and have RLV enabled in order to take advantage of these fun capabilities

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So I visited your store to check this out and grabbed the free TLV relay you have there. It was then I noticed the following in its notecard

For an OUTSTANDING SL Experience, we give the HIGHEST marks to the GreenLife Emerald Viewer
for it's exceptional features and it's implementation of Kitty Barnett's RLVa, The Emerald VIewer
is VERY stable and has MANY features unique to the viewer and RLVa.. Think Kink recommends:
You might want to change that
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Yikes.. that's Think Kink, not us -- by agreement, we distribute their relay, cos I really like it, I didn't feel right about putting our logo on a slightly modified version of their Open Source scripts, and this way I don't need to worry about maintaining the scripts, either.

But I will pass that on to Chloe... thanks for pointing it out.
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