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Eclectica Motorist's Goggles-eclectica-motorists-goggle_teal.png   Eclectica Motorist's Goggles-eclectica-motorists-goggles_deep-green.png   Eclectica Motorist's Goggles-eclectica-motorists-goggles_duck-egg-blue.png   Eclectica Motorist's Goggles-eclectica-motorists-goggles_pink.png  

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Eclectica Motorist's Goggles

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The Eclectica Motorists Goggles are an original mesh creation, inspired by early 20th century outdoorsy weekend style. The colour range is muted, as these are old leathers and metals used. They are unisex, ideal for anyone from the dashing gentleman taking a weekend jaunt in the motor to the sporty woman golfer.

They are unrigged and modifiable, meaning that you can resize manually if you prefer to, adjust the positioning on your body, tinker with the amount of glow and lens transparency, and also tint the colours to help with colour matching. The lenses have been set to 30% transparency, with a little shine, and you may certainly change these if you prefer. The separate faces are: the shades at the sides plus ear protectors, the metal frame, the lenses and the nose pads, and so you may use "select face" to edit these individually.

The glasses use materials to enhance their shine. They have specular mapping to lend more character to the sheen. You will need to turn on "advanced lighting model" in your graphics preferences to see the new texture details.

There are 8 texture variations in the Motorists Goggles range plus one scripted fatpack version

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